Private and Semi-Private Equipment Sessions

In the first private session, all clients receive a postural evaluation, which can identify muscular and skeletal imbalances. Knowing your own muscle imbalances is the key to prevention of future injury and treating current conditions. The exercise session is then tailored to your specific body type, keeping in mind your individual goals.

People always ask how using the Pilates machines differ from the mat classes. Both incorporate the same basic Pilates principles, which lead to increased abdominal and back strength, increased flexibility, and improved posture. However, the equipment can facilitate the exercises for novice clients or be adjusted to increase the intensity for more advanced students. Sessions are typically 55 minutes.


$88-98 with most instructors
$160 physical therapy session with Caryn
$130 weekday follow-up sessions with Caryn
$160 weekend follow0up sessions with Caryn

$120 duets ($60/person) with most instructors
$146 physical therapy duets with Caryn
$135 Trios ($45/person) for most instructors
$180 ($60/person) with Caryn

*Note: If a semi-private partner cancels, the remaining partner will owe for a private session - they will not get the semi-private per person rate.

Please contact Caryn to request a Private or Semi-Private.