What is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of exercise that focuses on abdominal and back strength, posture, and flexibility. Pilates has been around since the German founder, the late Joseph H. Pilates, came to America in 1940's and opened an exercise studio in NYC. His initial devotees consisted of dancers and performing artists like George Ballanchine and Martha Graham, and to this day Pilates is still taught largely by people with dance backgrounds.

Pilates has grown in popularity due to modern day celebrity followers touting its reputation for flattening stomachs and creating long, lean, flexible muscles. Physical therapists, like Beyond Fitness owner Caryn Connarton, have long since acknowledged the importance of treating postural imbalances to alleviate orthopedic conditions, and now agree that Pilates can be both an intense workout with curative properties as well as a powerful healing tool.

Pilates is taught in:
Private & Semi-Private Sessions
Group Mat or Machine Classes