Physical Therapy

Licensed Physical Thysical Therapist and owner Caryn Connarton offers physical therapy evaluations and prescriptive pilates programs here at Beyond Fitness. In as little as one session, though usually no more than three, you will receive a thorough postural evaluation, injury assessment, written home exercise program, as well as exercise modifications that will allow anyone to enter a regular pilates class or pilates machine program safely. These initial sessions ensure you will get the most therepeutic pilates experience possible. If you have hurt yourself exercising in the past, this session will tell you why and how to avoid injuries in the future.

PT sessions are typically $100/ hour. While Caryn does not accept insurance of any kind, receipts from these sessions can be submitted to medical flexible spending accounts or insurance programs with "out-of-network" provider privilages.

From Boston Magazine:

physical therapy

Phyiscal Therapy
Physical Therapy