What our students are saying about the studio


"I have been taking barre classes with Caryn at Beyond Fitness once a week for 2 years plus! And I am certain they are a crucial part of what keeps me going. I need my core to be strong for lifting furniture for my upholstery business and I nordic skate in the winter on Spy Pond requires balance, strength and agility. These classes are like eating kale for me! Caryn keeps them interesting by changing the routines every month making for a challenging but rewarding discipline that I would not do on my own." – Pam P.

"I’ve been coming to classes at Beyond Fitness Pilates for over 10 years and am delighted to add another rave review to these testimonials. I honestly never expected to be feeling so good and having so much fun at this age! Now in my early 60s, I hike, bike, swim, ski and snowshoe, in addition to taking long walks with my dog and going to one or two classes a week at Beyond Fitness (though probably like most of you, I am a busy professional). One of the very best things about Caryn --and the other incredible teachers she carefully vets -- is how skilled and caring they are when I’ve been recovering from the health set-backs that life throws at most of us from time-to-time. With their help, I’ve built myself back, not just from sprains and strains, but also from a serious bone fracture and, most recently, emergency abdominal surgery. Like many girls growing up before Title IX, I never thought of myself as athletic, so to realize I can bounce back – and actually enjoy a morning of skiing just 6 weeks after surgery --has all been remarkable! " – Linda B.

"Since signing up for the almost unlimited monthly pass at Beyond Fitness, I have seen and felt a huge change in my body. Taking both pilates and barre classes five days a week has decreased the pain and stiffness I suffer in my back due to scoliosis and improved my posture. My flexibility has increased dramatically - this week I was able to put my heels on the floor in "downward dog" for the first time ever! I feel so much stronger and I visibly look more toned after just three weeks." – Ali E

"I am in my late 50's and started coming here a few years ago and did not leave.  I do not love exercise classes, but I come here 3 times/week and take classes that fir around my work schedule -- fortunately I like all the teachers. The owner Caryn, is a physical therapist and I always feel that her experience and small class size meant that she is really making sure people get attention and do the workouts safely. All the teachers seem to really want people to get the benefits of pilates and barre, and I can see the difference in my strength and posture. The pricing options include great incentives to take classes regularly and not waste money due to scheduling conflicts."  – Karen. S

"The almost unlimited pass has given me an opportunity to kick start my health and fitness with fun and high-quality classes in Pilates and Barre. I have been taking 5 classes per week for the past 3 weeks and already feel like a new person--tighter abs, glutes and all-over strength. The first Barre class I took, I thought I was going to be sick to my stomach (!) because it was so strenuous for me.... now I am able to hold my own through the whole program. It is amazing how well the physical body responds to the right kind of exercise and training. I love it! I will be getting the almost unlimited pass again next month and highly recommend it to anyone who is ready to commit to their fitness and well-being in a big way!" – Kate Gray

"I can't say enough about Beyond Fitness Pilates and owner/teacher-extraordinaire Caryn Connarton. I have been a regular at Beyond Fitness for nearly ten years and pray the studio will keep growing and flourishing for the next thirty... at least! Because of lower back problems, I was always afraid to take group exercise classes, until I discovered Caryn and Beyond Fitness. As a trained physical therapist, Caryn takes an interest in her individual students' physical issues and limitations, providing tips and guidance and often doing research to increase her already-vast knowledge. I suffered an injury a number of years ago and Caryn worked with me in individual sessions to bring me back up to speed. There's a quiet atmosphere of acceptance and support among all of the instructors and students. Here's to decades more at Beyond Fitness!" – Tami K.

"I discovered this studio through a Living Social deal. The only other place I've taken pilates classes is at my gym, and I enjoyed them there so thought I'd give this a shot. I usually do the "roll and stretch" class - it's great if you have muscle pain and/or back problems (like me). I had never seen or done a class like this before, but I'm so glad I found it - I always feel so much better afterward. Classes are expensive, but Caryn is very knowledgeable, and given the uniqueness of this class I feel the cost is worth it." – Katie M.

"A friend of mine introduced me to the Barre class at Beyond Fitness Pilates Studio and I loved it so much! It really helped me strengthening my core muscles and getting back in shape even with one class per week. I am planning to do more classes this year to reach the next level. I really like my instructor (Johanna) and Caryn, the owner, is awesome! She is very dynamic and caring, the two best qualities you'd look for in a training place like this. Beyond Fitness Pilates Studio is the best thing that happened to me in 2015!" – Rachel B.

"Like nearly every single American, losing weight was my number one New Year's resolution. Normally, the actual work towards this goal would be scroll through a million fitness blogs, hoping that somehow, through osmosis that I too would become fit. This year though, I actually dragged my ass away from the computer and ventured to Beyond Fitness Pilates. I had always been intrigued by Barre/Pilates after learning that it was Kerry Washington's preferred workout. (I mean who doesn't want to be Olivia Pope!) I was nervous entering the Barre studio, but Monique's peppy and friendly demeanor quickly put me at ease. I felt comfortable bc she made sure to create a comfortable atomsphere for all. She was engaging and helpful, making the hour and change fly by quickly. Not only that but was respectful of personal space and whether or not people wanted hands-on adjustments (some Yoga studios I've been to haven't been so thoughtful). I have come back intermintently since then, as it is a bit far from my job/house. The trip is always worth it! I promise. Kerry Washington will be eating her heart out soon." - Leticia S.

"I've been coming to the studio for about 10 years and have seen it expand and continually improve. Caryn is awesome, I love the small classes, supportive atmosphere and attentive teachers. I enjoy mixing it up with barre, pilates and TRX, and sometimes will take a machine class." - Lisa