Specialized Workouts

E-mail for dates. All workshops can also be done in a private session.

Pilates or Barre for Your Injury

Physical therapist and pilates and barre instructor Caryn Connarton will use pilates and barre based physical therapy exercises to teach you how to heal your problem areas and take any exercise class safely. Body rolling using foam rollers, sticks or various body rolling balls will be covered. Take home exercise reminder sheets will also be given.

Pre/Post Natal Workouts:

Pilates is a great activity to stay active and strong during pregnancy, not to mention prevent back and hip pain. All of our instructors have specialized training in pre and post-natal pilates, and can help you modify and continue your pilates program throughout all 40 weeks (or 41—in the case of our record holding pilates student). And of course, we’ll be here to help you get back in shape after the baby arrives!

Baby Workout!

Designed by Physical Therapist and pilates and barre instructor Caryn Connarton (and tested with her own babies), this workout can be done WITH your baby! No need to schedule the babysitter, this workout strengthens your entire body while preventing some of the common new parent muscle aches. This workout is also so enjoyable for your baby, it has been used to cure colic!

Athletic Conditioning for Kids/ Teens:

Pilates is a great total body conditioning and restorative cross training tool for teens and kids too!  Kids love all the pilates toys in our machine studio.  Teens and kids tend to spend hours training in one particular sport, and that can cause specific muscle imbalances that increase risk of injuries.  Physical therapist and sports medicine specialist Caryn Connarton will cover injury specific and sports specific exercises by request.  This class is appropriate for boys and girls ages ~10-16

Intro to Pilates or Intro to Reformer:

Anyone can jump right into our small group mat classes, even without any prior experience. However, if you are concerned about an injury or want a slower, deeper, or more personal introduction to this method of exercise, this class is for you. All of our instructors offer Intro to Pilates private sessions. If you want to try one of our pilates machine classes, an Intro to Reformer Class or private session is required first. It’s not that we don’t trust you are fit enough, it’s that the Reformer has a lot of moving parts (many that move in the opposite way you expect them to)! Trust us, you’ll get MUCH more out of your future classes having taken this Intro first!

Pilates for Runners / Running Dominant Sports:

Pilates is a perfect complement to running! Running strengthens (and tightens) hamstrings, calves, and back muscles while pilates focuses on stretching those muscles and strengthening the opposing abdominal muscles and stabilizing (even gait correcting) glute muscles. Physical therapist Caryn Connarton has kept hundreds of runners in top form and injury free using pilates-based exercises. If you want to continue running into your 70’s, this workout is a must!