Beyond Physical Therapy

Beyond Physical Therapy

Beyond Fitness Pilates Studio
Beyond Fitness Pilates Studio

Beyond Physical Therapy

While pilates is generally very effective at alleviating aches and pains especially back pain, this initial session will ensure you will get the most therapeutic pilates experience possible for YOUR very unique body. Ten different people can have the same diagnosis, but they might have ten completely different causes and therefore need 10 different treatment programs. If you have hurt yourself exercising in the past, this session will tell you why and how to avoid injuries in the future.


In a single 90 minute session, you will get:

  • A postural evaluation.
  • Muscle imbalance evaluation.
  • A gait evaluation and recommendations for altering your running or walking patterns.
  • A physical therapy diagnosis and a full explanation of how this happened.
  • Printed exercise program with photos tailored to you including exercises for your favorite sport or workout (even if your favorite sport or workout is not pilates or barre).
  • Rebab tool recommendations, most of which you can try using during this session.
  • One month of Video On Demand, with full access to PT exercises videos as well as full length core, barre and pilates workouts.
Initial Session (90 minutes): $185* Includes 1 month of Video on Demand 
Follow-Up Sessions (55 minutes): $145 
Often follow-up sessions are not needed. While Caryn does not accept insurance of any kind, receipts from these sessions can be submitted to medical flexible spending accounts or insurance programs with "out-of-network" provider privileges.

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