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Pilates Privates and Semi-Privates


Our instructors spend most of their time here teaching private and semi-private sessions. A private session is the ideal way to start pilates since the session can be tailored exclusively for you and what you most what to get out of your pilates sessions. Most people originally come to our studio for physical therapy but stay on for the prescriptive private sessions and/or our small group classes.

Pilates Mat & Zoom Classes

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Pilates with Props, Advanced Pilates with Props & Core Interval Classes

These are NOT your gym's pilates mat classes! These small group (max 11 students) classes utilize any combination of the following props; arc barrels, BOSU balls, magic circles, thera-bands, stretch weights, toning balls, massage balls and foam rollers. We use more small equipment in our mat classes than any other in the area. Do pilates classes normally bother your neck? We have all the props to eliminate this common complaint.

Advanced Pilates with Props is a faster paced, high energy version of our pilates with props class. Core Interval Classes start easy with 10 minutes of rolling, then up the intensity and alternate some of the more challenging core strengthening exercises with some high intensity intervals. These intervals WILL be high impact jumping, but a low impact version will always be offered.

Pilates Roll and Stretch

This one hour, physical therapist taught pilates mat class spends extra time using the foam roller and body rolling balls to smooth out stressed or injured muscles. This class is ideal if you are recovering from an injury or are in serious training for an athletic event. Also, if neck pain has prevented you from continuing your pilates mat classes elsewhere, this class uses more of the non-ab-curl type (though still intense!) ab exercises. Have an injury question? Bring it here!

Beyond Fitness Pilates Studio
Beyond Fitness Pilates Studio


A gentle blend of Pilates and Yoga. This slower paced class incorporates some of the safer standing balance exercises of yoga into a more traditional pilates with props class. This long standing class is mostly made up a fabulous group of students over 60, however, students of any age can take this class.

Pilates Equipment Classes

Pilates Reformer Tower

This class uses the Allegro 2 Reformers, Towers, TRX, Barrels & BOSU's to chisel your core. The reformers add extra resistance and challenge for some exercises and they can increase the stretch for other exercises. You will spend about half the class on the reformers, and half the class using the towers, TRX, barrels and BOSU's. Previous Pilates Reformer experience required. If you don't have previous reformer experience, you must take an Intro To Reformer classes or private session. This is not a fitness level thing! The reformer is unlike other gym equipment and one newbie who doesn’t know what they are doing can really slow down a whole class. We promise you will get a workout out of your Intro Class!


Cadillac Tower

The Pilates Cadillac and Tower add more challenge and total body strengthening to your pilates core workout. This class will move you through 30 minutes of Cadillac exercises, and 30 minutes of some combination of stability chair, arc barrels or TRX. This more advanced core focused class will teach you how to get more out of your pilates mat exercises.

Welcome expecting students!

All of our instructors have special training in pre-natal pilates & barre. You can take any of our classes and using some of our greatest props (the PILATES EDGE, the arc barrels, the BOSU's, even the Cadillac) you can safely modify any of the regular exercises as needed. We find this much more effective than taking a separate, watered-down, pre-natal pilates class. Many of our pilates students find they can keep many of the common complaints of pregnancy (low back pain, hip pain, low endurance, even fatigue) completely at bay by keeping up their pilates routine while pregnant. If you'd like to try these exercises out in a private session first, where you can bring up any concerns you may have, of course we can schedule that too. Sorry…pilates offers no cures for morning sickness.

Beyond Fitness Pilates Studio

Class Policies

Class size is limited so pre-registration is REQUIRED.

Cancellation Policy: Beyond Fitness Pilates Studio has a very strict 24 hour cancellation policy for all classes and sessions here. Please cancel your class on the online system to give someone else a chance to come.

Weather Cancellations: We will e-mail those signed up for class if there needs to be a snow cancellation.

Instructor changes: We will post teacher substitutes on our online reservation system, however in rare cases, instructors can change without notice.